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The Web Guys are your go-to partners for business consulting in the Helderberg, Overberg 
and Winelands. As internationally experienced consultants, we have worked with all types of 
businesses, from SME’s to large multinational corporations. This experience enables us to help you find practical solutions to all types of business challenges. We will work with you to develop the right technologies, procedures, policies and techniques to help your business succeed..


Our consultants can engage with you on a variety of business disciplines including IT systems
and technology, website and branding, human resources, business and marketing plans,
process optimization, and general business coaching. 



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“I wish somebody had told me that…”  


That is  the phrase we hear the most. Every business owner says that at some point.


The business landscape, legislation, technology and best practices are changing at unprecedented speeds. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to keep up with everything, and being the boss is a very lonely job. Sometimes you just need someone who understands what the job entails, and help you keep everything on track.

We do the research and keep up to date, so you don’t have to. We can be your helping hand.

    Web design

    The digital shopfront of your business is a well designed, high converting website. As our name says, we are
    The Web Guys.



    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears higher in search rankings.

    Our holistic approach to SEO improves the overall health of your website, which ultimately leads to more visitors and increased sales.



    A brand is what sets you apart, and what customers remember. It’s a company name, logo, corporate colours, and your reputation. We can help with all your branding and graphics design requirements.

    We also help you to source the best price and quality for your printed collateral.

    Startup support

    Assistance with registering a new business. What you need to do,
    and in what order.

    Assistance with all the statutory registrations e.g. SARS, UIF, WCF.

    Advice in terms of banking options, how to start an accounting system, what policies and procedures you need to put in place. 

    In short, everything you would want to know, and nobody tells you.


    IT systems support

    Advice on IT hardware, infrastructure options and best practices. What software will work for your business, what will save you a lot of money,
    what will boost your productivity
    and what is not worth the effort. 

    Need programming done? From complex systems to mobile apps and tricky Excel spreadsheets, we do it all.


    Business and Marketing plans, and feasibility studies

    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

    Every business needs a business and marketing plan. These should be living documents that should be updated constantly – sometimes you need capital on short notice, and the lender or investor will want to see these documents. Yesterday, as usual.

    Drawing up these plans are time and resource intensive – let us help you create and maintain them.



    What worked in digital advertising last year, will not necessarily work now.

    We have had intensive training in conversion optimization techniques, i.e. what copywriting techniques will help you get customers and make sales, and what does not.

    Some things work on some platforms and with some audiences, others do not.

    We know all the tricks! Plus, we like writing stories – which is a bonus.

    Process optimization

    Your processes may be efficient, but are they effective?
    What can be done better, what is redundant, what is costing you money, and what can be saving you money?

    It is your business and your trade that you know best, but sometimes you need a fresh perspective that asks the questions about things that you may take for granted.

    Business coaching

    You are in charge of your business
    and do everything right every time.
    Or that’s what you wish.

    Sometimes you need to talk to someone who’s been there, who knows what it’s like, who won’t judge you.

    A second opinion, a willing ear that will listen. To tell you that you are doing OK, or to give advice when things are not OK. We know, it’s tough at the top, and struggling to get there is even tougher.

    Let us help you.



    Complex Excel spreadsheets

    Sometimes a business problem can be solved, or precious time can be saved, with a “smart” Excel spreadsheet.

    Excel can be the most useful business tool you never knew you had.

    We can develop complex spreadsheets, with your business rules built in, to automate time-intensive tasks and make your life easier.

    Example: Some time ago we developed a spreadsheet for an export company. Manual cost calculations averaged 6 hours per shipment. The spreadsheet did it in 10 minutes – a quantum leap in productivity, with a lot of time and money saved!

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